Step 1

Fill out the information request form and someone will be in touch to schedule a demo.  Or send us an email.


Step 2

After the demo, if you’re as excited about it as we think you will be we will get back to you with a price quote and to finalize competitor fee schedules to include.

Step 3

Sign the contract and send us your fee schedules to include in the set-up. Fee schedules you provide will always remain confidential (and never be provided as competitor data to others.)

Step 4

We will complete the set-up and provide you with a unique business unit code. You distribute this business unit code within your organization to anyone you would like to have access to the application.

Step 5

Users within your organization go to and register using the business unit code and their email address.

Step 6

You’re done. Your team logs into to get the best competitive information for negotiating business!