What is it?

Wealth Prices is an online app for relationship management and investment professionals to see how their fees compare to the competition for a proposed account or relationship.

Why would a relationship/ investment professional need this competitive information?

Over time, the fees institutions charge for trust and investment management services have become more competitive and more heavily negotiated. This phenomenon, known as “price compression” or “fee compression”, means it is more important than ever to know what fees competitors charge and how your fees compare. In addition to competitor fee schedules not being readily available, the myriad ways institutions have devised to calculate fees and disclose them to clients makes it extremely difficult to show an “apples to apples” comparison of the fee for any given portfolio. Wealth Prices solves that problem.

Wealth Prices primarily compares fees for Investment Management, Trust, IRA, Personal Custody, and RIA accounts. Basically it supports accounts where the fee is based on asset values as opposed to transaction volumes.

What type of prices are analyzed?

How does it work?

The Wealth Prices app has a fee calculator that accesses a database of competitor fee schedules, and those of your institution, to prepare a fee comparison for any given portfolio. The user chooses the type of account and inputs asset types and asset values, and Wealth Prices does the rest.